Ways to Go ‘Green’ in Your Kitchen

There are tons of ways to make your home more eco-friendly. It all starts with your kitchen. Why? The kitchen is one of the two most frequented rooms in your home, next to the bathroom. Why not take advantage of that. Here are some tips


Did you ladies know that induction cooktops are the best way to go nowadays? When compared to the gas or electric burners, they are far more efficient. The heating elements are more balanced. How? The heating elements work from within the pot, instead of from the bottom.

What happens if you can’t afford to go this route? There is a more reasonable option. Just go with a portable cooktop. It will do the same thing, and it’s so much cheaper. I’ll admit that these types of cooktops can be rather expensive. How many of us have the money to invest in something like this? Not many of us, I’m sure. That is why the portable cooktop is a good alternative. It’s still keeps within the eco-friendly route too.


How many of you have heard of this? It’s a good alternative to throwing the leftovers in the trash. When you throw leftovers in the trash, it’s going to get taken to landfill. This is where all that horrible methane is produced. We all hear about this, but not many of us know where it all comes from. Now we know. It’s from the leftovers which are thrown into the landfill.

Just use a compost pail. This will keep things, especially the odors, at bay. When you do go to throw them away, it won’t be as toxic on the environment. Make sens doesn’t it!


This is probably one of the best tools you can use in your kitchen. When you use a pressure cooker you are cutting down your cooking time. How much time is being cut off? About 30% of the cooking time is being left out, when compared to more traditional approaches.

You are also using less electricity. Which means your bill is going to be cut in half. How does that sound? Pretty darn cool, I think. You can steam, fry and cook your food in this thing. It’s definitely a blessing to have around the house.


For all you soda drinkers out there, this tool is another blessing to keep around the house. By aiming your own soda at home, you are cutting down on so many carcinogens. You also get with the package two free BPA bottles. These you can use over and over. This will definitely cut down on the waste and keep up the recycling.

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