Tips When Buying a Portable Power Bank Battery Pack for Your Mobile Device

In this day and age, mobile phones serve multiple purposes on a daily basis. Smartphones, as well as tablets, act as computers that are much more portable and convenient that their predecessors. Although mobile phones can provide the average person help with many important tasks, it comes at a price. The price is the drain on your battery, which can occur quite rapidly. This is why many people have chosen to purchase an external battery pack, or power bank, to keep their mobile device charged. There are some things to consider when buying a portable battery back.

1. Charging Capacity

This is one of the main things to check out when purchasing an external portable power bank. You want to make sure that the one you choose has enough “juice” to charge your phone. In general, the capacity is measured in mAh or milliamphere per hour and you want to make sure that your battery pack exceeds your phone’s mAh. It is best to buy one with much more capacity. That way you can charge your phone multiple times. The higher capacity will make the cost higher too.

2. Phone Input

Generally, a mobile phone will charge at 5V but over time, this input current may not charge your phone as well as it used to charge it. It is best to purchase a battery pack with a higher input current because your phone will only draw what is necessary to charge. When using a USB port to charge, it is important to use the high powered port because the lower output port will not charge the phone or tablet well.

3. Input Current of the Battery Pack

Previously, a high capacity battery pack was discussed. It is important to understand that the larger the battery pack’s charging capacity, the longer it may take to charge your mobile device. Input current also plays a part in the length of time that it takes to charge your phone. Keep these things in mind when choosing a battery pack.

4. Ports

Some battery packs come with a built-in USB cables or built-in lightning cables, which are normally a little more expensive. Packs with more ports also cost more. IN general, buy the one that has enough ports for all the devices you carry. For example, if you are charging a smartphone and a tablet, you need at least two ports.

5. Find a Good Brand

Some battery packs do not have a brand name and are much cheaper than their name brand counterparts. This might save you a little money in the short run, but in the long run it could make your battery explode. It is important to choose quality over price when considering this aspect of buying a battery pack.

Some Popular Brands:

  1. OnePlus Power Bank
  2. ASUS ZenPower
  3. Mi Power Bank

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