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Pregnancy Pillows for a Good Night’s Sleep

Pregnant women are all about support for their bellies during pregnancy, especially in bed. Rolling side-to-side is not an option for many pregnant women so many women have to get creative to get comfortable. One old trick is the familiar method of stuffing regular pillows under the belly. But regular pillows are often too flat, too thick, or easily shift away from you when you move. The Oversized-Total Body Pillow won’t shift or move and helps you to stay in the position you choose.

The Oversized-Total Body Pregnancy Pillow – Full Support is an extra-long, double-the-body-length pillow that measures 130 inches long and is 19 inches thick. If you’re pregnant, you’ll find great comfort in positioning the pillow all around you for total body pillow comfort. The Total Body Pregnancy Pillow gives you the support for your belly, legs, arms and head. From behind, the pillow lays flush against your back for support, cradling you, to help keep you on your side.

The pillow is super soft with a 400 thread count feel. The pillow is designed of 100% super soft microfiber polyester inside and out, and it always retains its shape. For easy cleaning just remove the zippered cover and throw it in the wash. Slip it back on and your pillow’s ready to use again.

Although the Oversized-Total Body Pregnancy Pillow – Full Support is a favorite among pregnant women, anyone can benefit from its unique shape and comfort: men, non-pregnant women, even kids. It’s a perfect pillow for many conditions beyond pregnancy; back and neck support problems, muscle aches, as well as it gives great support and elevation to your hips, legs and feet.

If you want to get comfy in bed and watch TV, the Oversized-Total Body Pregnancy Pillow is the perfect, pro-up in bed pillow, too. No matter how you bend it or use it, you may find that you haven’t been truly sleeping until you try sleeping with the Oversized-Total Body Pregnancy Pillow – Full Support.