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The Health Risks of Smoking Marijuana

Even though many people like to believe that smoking marijuana is harmless, this is not the truth. Many medical test and studies have proven that smoking weed can cause health issues, and the sooner you start smoking it the more damage weed can do.

Mental Problems Caused by Smoking Weed

According to a study done at McLean Hospital, in Belmont, MA, people who began smoking pot before the age of 16 usually suffer some form of brain damage. This is believed to be because adolescence is a critical time of brain development.

Several studies in Australia have also shown that heavy long-term marijuana smoking can cause brain abnormalities. The earlier in your life that you begin to smoke weed the more exposure you will have to the drug and the greater the damage will become. These changes in the brain are similar to those commonly seen in people who abuse other drugs and there is a strong connection between continued marijuana use and mental illness.

Physical Problems

Worse than the mental issues, studies have shown that those who continue to smoke weed as adults have a greater risk of getting cancer. Marijuana smoke can contain over 50 percent more cancer-causing ingredients than cigarette smoke. One major study found that smoking just one joint causes as much lung damage as five cigarettes, smoked one right after another. Smoking weed commonly causes bronchitis, which is an inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract.

Helpful Tips to Stop Smoking Weed

  1. First, you have to want to stop smoking pot. Without changing your attitude you’re doomed to fail.
  2. Keep in mind that, unlike trying to stop smoking cigarettes, there are no withdraw symptoms from quitting weed. Any symptoms you experience are all in your head.
  3. It is critical to exercise regularly while you are trying to stop smoking weed. Exercise will help you to keep your mind clear while releasing natural endorphins, which create a natural high that will help you not miss the high from smoking weed as much.
  4. Find a hobby to keep your mind occupied, as the odds are much greater that you will relapse if you become bored.
  5. The best tip for trying to stop smoking weed is to create a support system of people who will not be trying to get you to light up with them. Find new friends, if you have to, who will support you in your efforts to stay clean.

The Harmful Effects of Marijuana