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How To Hypnotize Someone A Beginners Guide

A smoldering look from across a crowded room. A brief but engaging glance from a seminar presenter. A tearful request from a child. What do all these scenarios have in common? They are examples of how magnificently powerful the eyes can be. Nearly every social survey reports that the first thing one human being notices about another human being is their eyes. Whether in a romantic, social, or professional setting people naturally use their eyes to convey information. They are often reflections of happiness, sadness, hurt or anger and can be used to determine if someone is actually telling the truth.

Telling a Story

Even when a person’s eyes are not necessarily their best feature, they are still able to tell a story using only their facial expressions. Rolling the eyes back indicates disdain or contempt while squinting the eyes indicates interest or attraction. Even very subtle or discreet eye movements are effective communication tools. Learning how to control and utilize these tools takes practice.

The Learning Process

Being able to hypnotize someone with your eyes comes naturally to some people but not everyone was born with that ability. In fact, most people will need to spend some time practicing the art of eye language. Standing in front of a mirror and studying various facial expressions is usually the most helpful way to develop the skill. It is also helpful to practice speaking and changing eye movements in unison with different voice inflection as a way to place emphasis where it is most effective depending on the specific situation.

An Unseen Advantage

The select few who were gifted with communicative eyes may be so used to their powerful gaze that they do not even realize their full strategic capacity. Hypnotic eyes have several valuable advantages and should be used wisely.

Sultry eyes grab attention in just about every social setting and earn their owner special favors like front row seats, extra servings and multiple other discounts and advantages. Likewise, well orchestrated eye expressions can communicate a professional demeanor and superior abilities. Both examples convey confidence and self-assurance which are necessary in social and professional settings. Making eye contact during a job interview greatly increases the chances of a candidate being hired. When a man or woman maintains eye contact while speaking with a member of the opposite sex they are much more likely to be perceived as friendly and attractive.