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A Guide to Frying and Deep Fryers

A deep fryer is one of that items that can be a kitchen staple, or it can be a hassle. The biggest problem that arrises is when a person decides that they will create a deep fryer by using a large pot and a ton of oil. Frying with this method can be a difficult process. The oil temperature is hard to control, the food may not fit correctly into the pot, and then there is the issue of what to do about storing the oil after use. Using a store bought deep fryer that has been built to handle the needs of your kitchen is the most important part of deep frying.

Each kitchen and each cook varies in their needs and in their kitchen layout. It is essential to buy a deep fryer that can easily be used day after day. To achieve this, the fryer needs to have easy portability and storage. This means that it needs to be easily managed by the user, and the deep fryer needs to fit on the counter space available while easily reaching an outlet.

The next aspects of the fryer that needs to be noted are the temperature control and the fry basket capacity. Older deep fryers do not manage temperature as well as the newer models and it is extremely beneficial to buy a fryer that has a digital temperature gauge that will maintain the desired temperature throughout the cooking process. It is also important to note the size of the fry basket. Food that does not correctly fit into the basket will not cook correctly. If small snacks need to be fried in a small basket, but if large family meals are often being served then it is necessary to have a large basket.

Finally, there are some deep fryers that have a rotating basket. An advantage of a rotating basket is that it will turn the food, bringing it in and out of the oil which in turn will work to evenly cook the product. A rotating basket also minimizes the amount of residual oil, while still maintaining it’s crunch, which makes for healthy food that does not lose it’s flavor.

Deep frying does not have to be a difficult process as long as you use the correct appliance. Using the best deep fryer that has been purchased specifically for the needs of your kitchen will bring the fun back into deep frying at home.