Fellowes Binding Machine Comb

Your office, whether at home or abroad, can greatly benefit from the use of the Fellowes Binding Machine. Sure, there are many machines that can bind papers together on the market, but this one is so easy a child could put together a presentation. Forget about the old school models that jammed and were a pain to try to use, this one makes the job simple. Why should you use the Fellowes Binding Machine? Well, here are just a few of the great features that make this machine worthwhile.

Convenient Accessories

The machine has a built-in tool that helps keep mistakes to a minimum. By selecting the right size comb for the document you want to produce, it can ensure perfection. Best of all, there is a built-in storage tray that allows you to put all the extra combs and other accessories in a convenient location. Keep everything close at hand but never clutter the workspace.

Effortless Document Centering & Alignment

In times past using a machine like this mean that lining it up was hard. This machine has an adjustable edge guide. It allows you to precisely center all the documents during the binding process. With enhanced features like vertical document loading, you can be sure your alignment is spot on.

The Ability To Load 12 Pages At A Time

Do you often produce books that have large presentation needs? This machine allows you to punch and bind up to 12 pages at a time. Because of its unique nature, you can not only punch a massive amount, but you can also continue to punch and keep things moving.

Improve Productivity

While not designed for a large office, this smaller machine is perfect for the small office with plenty of work to do. Putting together that presentation is simple and can be professional looking. Once more, to pay a company to do this would cost a good deal, but you can do it right in the comfort of your own office.

The Fellowes Binding Machine is the answer to a small office binding needs. It is not just another office machine that will set on the shelf. This binding unit will keep the office presentations, pamphlets and other correspondence looking professional. For a fraction of the price of professional services, you can do it yourself and save. Fellowes Binding Machine is one of the best machines on the market today.

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