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Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops In The World

Starting at $5,500 and rising as high as a million dollars, these laptops scream money.

#10 The Rock Xtreme SL8, boasts the title of “fastest laptop in the world”. At $5,500 it gives you the most bang for your buck. Prized by gamers, its a lightening fast monster with plenty of memory and a large 17″ display.

#9 Slightly more expensive is the lighter weight and smaller Stealth MacBook Pro. With super fast speeds, a specialized graphics card and 8GB of RAM it offers excellent gaming in a much smaller yet pricier package.

#8 The Origin EON18 has some fast speeds but it’s sound quality is subpar. Just not worth the money at $6,500.

#7 The Falcon Northwest Fragbook DRX has impressive graphics and a fast processor but doesn’t seem to offer as much as the previous laptops for the money.

#6 In a league of it’s own, the Voodoo Envy H171 is a force of technology. Made in 24 desirable designs with 17″ screens and capable of having 250GB of memory, 4GB of RAM, and a NVIDIA graphics card, it is a formidable tool. At $8,500, the future of computers may lie in it’s forward design and effective capabilities.

#5 Manufactured by Ego Lifestyle, the Ego for Bentley Laptop, winner of the Microsoft Fashion PC Award starts at $20,000. It’s a custom laptop perfect for a jet-setter as it’s small enough for carry-on and discretely disguised as a handbag. Tiny yet effective but not much more.

#4 The Gold MacBook Pro by Apple, at a cool $30,000 the gold-plated, diamond studded laptop makes a statement but that statement may be that you have more money than sense.

#3 The Tulip E-Go Diamond Laptop. At $355,000 its more like a pricey upgrade to the already ridiculously lush Ego for Bentley.

#2 The MacBook Air Platinum, which for over $480,000 is coated in nearly 15.5 lbs of platinum. It also has 8 GB of RAM and a terabyte of storage, the most found amongst these laptops. Not just a tool, but also an good investment.

#1 The most expensive laptop in the world is the Luvaglio. For one million dollars this laptop is a completely custom-made machine, encased in anything from wood to metal with diamond buttons and power supply. Truly, for the insanely wealthy this is a perfect choice.

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