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Get Creative with Your Ceiling

Ever thought of improving the visual appeal of your property? If that is the case, there are various ways to upgrade your home interior significantly without any transformation. One of the areas that left exposed most of the time are the ceilings. However, most people haven’t realized that bringing out the aesthetic appeal of your ceiling is one of the best ways to pay homage to your home. Here are top ideas you can get creative with in bringing out the best in your ceiling.

Set up a customized suspended storage

If you have got rooms with significant space above the normal height, then custom storage might be the creative solutions that you need. It is a functional way of not only beautifying your ceiling but also making use of available space, especially when you are short on storage space. This creativity is not limited to the garages alone. You can also set up custom storage in kitchens, living rooms, laundries, bedrooms, and any other imaginable space.

Consider artwork

Artistic creativity has been used over the years to bring out the best in our walls and floors. However, the ceiling is no exception. If you are bold enough, you can use artwork to accentuate the rest of the room from up above. With artwork, you have got unlimited options to choose from. If you prefer something permanent, you can go with painting, but if you want to just try it out first, then vinyl is the better option. Essentially, the type of artwork you choose to go with is also influenced by the rest of the interior, but anything close to fine art, sculptural installations, or graffiti murals can work with ceilings.

Play around with paint and mirrors

To avoid your ceiling appearing out of place when compared to the rest of the room, you can paint it with complimentary colors. Using different colors will help you achieve the desired goal. For instance, cooler colors can help you improve the spacing, especially if you have smaller rooms. The opposite is also true. Likewise, you can choose to go with something contrasting to help you deliver a bold statement.

Another way to be creative with room spacing is to use mirrors and glass. They have reflective properties that can make your rooms appear larger, especially when they are installed in the ceilings. It is vital to choose the ones that can work well in all seasons or play around with wall and floor colors. You don’t want to reflect too much light than what is necessary.

Accentuate with wallpapers

As the name suggests, wallpapers might be ideal for fixing to your wall, but shouldn’t be afraid to try with ceilings. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Play around with colors, texture, and design patterns to create a catchy appeal.

Go beyond normal lighting

Most homes have room lighting fixated on the ceiling. So, why not get creative by installing a decorative lighting system that will give you stylish appeal even when the lights are switched off. You have unlimited ways of working with lights. For something eye-catching, you can set up several small lights that follow some pattern. You can also go with either chandelier or pendant light.

Storage Ottoman Bench For Adding Extra Storage and Seating

From Plain and Practical to Opulent and Luxurious, What are the Top Ottoman for Modern Spaces? Ottomans will always remind your guests and family to take a moment, kick up their feet and relax. They will always have a place in the modern home. Even if you can’t afford the most expensive living room set on the market, purchasing a nice ottoman, (or several ottomans), to go along with your couch and loveseats will double or triple the options for comfortable seating and storage in your home.

Simpli Home’s Avalon Rectangular Faux Leather Storage Ottoman Bench

Many people use their couch ottomans to double as coffee tables. With its sturdy flat top, the Simpli Home Avalon Rectangular Faux Leather Storage Ottoman Bench is great for this. A steal for around $95, this large ottoman stands 16” high and measures 48” in width. It comes in several stunning PU leather-look shades including brown, light blue, black cream and red; along with 2 fabric shades of grey and fawn brown.

The JANE VICTORIA Storage Ottoman

The JANE VICTORIA Storage Ottoman is the most affordable ottoman on our list. Pay only $30 and add this wonderful piece to your home décor scheme. It folds flat for easy storage when it’s not in use and comes in waterproof black or brown. Great for de-cluttering or kicking your feet up, it holds 660 lbs, and measures 29 7/8”x 14 7/8″ x 14 7/8″

The Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench by SONGMICS

Need a bargain ottoman? The SONGMICS Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench has you covered. This leather-look ottoman comes in classic brown and bright funky green. Priced at $50, this bench measures 47 ?” by 14 7/8” in width and length. Height is 14 7/8”. It can hold a whopping 660 lbs, and offers ample storage for shoes, clothes, toys or whatever you like. When you don’t need it, store it away flat to save space.

The Best Selling Mission Tufted Fabric Storage Ottoman Bench

Mission gives us another exceptional ottoman bench with the Best Selling Mission Tufted Fabric Storage Ottoman Bench. Priced at $177, this classic bench comes only in high-quality beige fabric. This bench is the perfect presentation of understated elegance. There is simple tufting on the lid and the dimensions are 51” x 19” x 16”.

The Best Selling Mission Brown Tufted Leather Storage Ottoman Bench

The Best Selling Mission Brown Tufted Leather Storage Ottoman Bench features a masculine, vintage look that’s similar to the Homcom Faux Leather model with a more traditional flair. Priced around $143, This bench ottoman comes only in rich brown and is made from genuine soft leather. The lid is tufted and offers a great storage and comfort solution for bedrooms and living rooms. Its 51” x 19” x 16” dimensions make it an ideal coffee table replacement as well.

While many people overlook ottomans when they’re coming up with their living room and bedroom design schemes, as you can see, there are a variety of beautiful and affordable ottomans on the market designed to enhance the look of many rooms in your home, provide much needed storage and increase comfort for your family and guests.

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Top 5 Best Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones


These earphones are highly productive, hence boosting MP3 player battery life. The three ear bud sizes included fit your ear comfortably. Consequently, its robust and steady development gives it an outstanding design. The earphone comes in 5 colors; therefore, you can choose the best for you.


Symphonized in-ear noise cancelling earphones are one of the best earphones you can get on the market. This headset is made of high quality and genuine wood. A 1-year hassle-free warranty accompanies it. The earphones have fresh, intense sound and robust deep bass that leaves you with maximum comfort and desire to use them always.

They come with three silicon ear tips that vary in size; small, medium and large. The earbuds come with a stylish pocket for carrying them, hence making it easy for you to walk with the headphones comfortably.

You can use the headphones to answer or end calls, initiate Voice Control, skip tracks with a brilliant implicit in-line microphone. The earphones likewise have a smooth nylon cord that comes in various colors with a nice outline and high-end sound quality. Symphonized headphones are made for the most recent eras of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They work with all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and related gadgets.


These earphones have universal-fit Noise-isolating in-ear monitors that are ideal for use on and off the stage. The earphones have a Studio-tuned sound with a profound bass that will leave you feeling great; you can also use the earphones securely because they come with detachable cables that help you use them for an extended period with no problems.

The headset cable highlights mic, remote, and volume control for use with cell phones and tablets. They also come with conveying cases, comply froth ear tips, six sets of silicone ear tips, and an additional cable. You should consider buying these earphones because they have a 1-year warranty.


The earphones have an excellent design that makes it very attractive, comfortable to wear and easy to carry it around. Its 8 mm top dynamic drive unit produces a quality sound that soothes your ears. Noise reduction in these earphones is absolute.


The earphones have a superior audio make in that it offers the best sound. If you enjoy streaming music, then this is the best earphones for you.The earphones are compatible with all 3.55 mm jack audio devices.Its design is so stylish, and that is why you should check out for these great earphones.

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5 Best Flat Iron Hair Straighteners for Your Healthy Hair

One of the most popular styling tools on the market is the flat iron hair straightener. They come in a wide variety of styles and features, from metal plates to thermal fusion, heat adjustment functions or automatic heat there are lots of things to consider when selecting the right flat iron for you. Though the task may be overwhelming and leave you tempted to simply grab the first one you see, this article will help you make a better informed decision by giving you reviews of the best flat iron straighteners on the market today, because choosing a flat iron can be a little like a good friendship;the best ones are worth waiting for and last a long time.

The first straightener up for review is the ISA Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener Victorya Tourmaline Ceramic. At $129.00 this tool is versatile in it’s ability to straighten, curl, or create waves in hair.It’s 100% solid ceramic plates provide even heat distribution to hair and emit negative ions that smooth hair while protecting it from damage and dryness. It uses an automatic temperature control system that adjusts itself to the texture of the hair, providing a uniform and polished look to the style even when different hair textures are present on the head.

The Professional Flat Iron by Jolie Amour, is a salon grade ceramic that retails at $129.00 and is able to straighten, curl, flip and wave hair, as well as prevent frizz, damage and dryness. It locks in moisture with ceramic plates and features adjustable temperature controls that range from 180 to 450F, making it ideal for use on all hair textures.

The Hair Art H3000 Tourmaline Ceramics is a more affordable option at $56.99. It is capable of straightening or creating curls through the use of 1 3/8 inch ceramic plates. With a swivel cord and 5 temperature settings that can go up to 410F in five seconds, this is a good option for anyone who values convenience and easy use.

The HSI Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is a 1 inch solid ceramic plate tool that’s available for $41.94. It features a 360 degree swivel cord, infrared heat technology, and temperature controls that range from 250 to 410F. It’s plates give a shiny silky finish to even dull and frizzy hair, and it’s designed to create straight or curly styles.

The XTAVA Professional Flat Iron with Tourmaline Ceramic Plates is a travel friendly, safety oriented option available for $37.00. It uses infared heat technology to reach a maximum heat of 430F while sealing in moisture, preventung damage to hair follicles and protecting hair color. It is efficient with features like a 360 swivel cord that extends 9 feet and an easy to read LED temperature control display, is a great option for long lasting styles and ease of use.

These are some of the best flat iron straighteners on the market right now, all designed to meet the hair are needs of any customer interested in using them, and all great options capable of creating sleek and versatile styles for all.

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