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Expert Advice to Choose the Best Deep Fryer for Your Kitchen

The majority of chefs have come up with creative ways to deep fry from a wok, a large pot or some deep device that will hold a significant amount of cooking oil. The end result also varies as does the method, causing a lack of consistent control of the temperature. Food volume may also not fit in well. Once used that cooking oil must be put away, but where? Deep fryers should fit well and be easy to store in a safe place. Home fryers should be a useful choice and fit safely in the kitchen area along with having consistent temperature control features. Another critical feature to consider when making a choice is the volume of food that will normally be fried.

Consider Where to Store It Before Buying

Before making a final decision on a deep fryer, think carefully about where it will be kept and if the unit is going to be portable. What makes a great fryer is how similarly it can be compared to a toaster oven or a microwave. Those appliances find a safe and useful place in the kitchen on the counter or oven shelf with proper safe space for operation. It is not safe to have these units on extension cords or next to a doorway. Should the unit be placed in storage between uses, the cooking oil must also be kept covered and in a safe place.

Temperature Control

Keeping a consistent temperature while frying is essential. Buying best deep fryer that will have temperature indicators on it and not just simple low, medium and high ranges. This way, placing frozen items in the fryer, which immediately changes the cooking temperature, will be easy to monitor and control. Actual temperature readings will allow cooks to adjust and cook food properly and safely.


How much volume will the fryer handle? This feature is very important. The need might only be for a few snacking items or small servings. Some cooks fry whole turkeys or chickens for the family dinner. There are sizes made just for individuals to families to professional cooks usage. Bear in mind that small individual fryers are very low capacity that will not always fry the food properly. Feature to note in the store are, quality and volume of the frying basket. Good brands have quality made frying baskets.

Rotating Fryer Basket

Many will find rotating fryer basket attractive at purchase. Modern models have vertically-mounted baskets so food is not constantly in the oil while cooking. This makes for crispy less oily foods.

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How to Protect Your Kitchen

We’re all guilty of doing things with our kitchen equipment that we probably shouldn’t. When it comes to the rules of the kitchen, some rules are more important than others. Here are a few kitchen guidelines that you should stick to in order to ensure that your cooking essentials stay in good shape for years to come.

Scoring pads and cast iron don’t mix

Metal pads and metal pans a recipe for disaster. Metal scouring pads can strip your cast iron pan of its seasoning and damage your pan. Instead, use a coarse sea salt to remove stuck on food. Next time, try rinsing the pan with hot water right after you use it to make sure you don’t end up with a difficult situation later on.

Protect your non-stick pans

Likewise, your non-stick pans hate being scraped with metal spatulas and forks. Use plastic to prevent damage and keep them going much longer.

You’ll also want to keep cooking spray off your pans. Even if a recipe calls for it, you don’t need it with the pans coating. Using it can cause build up on your pan and get pretty gross long term.

Keep knives out of the dishwasher

Your good knives hate the dishwasher. The hard water and abrasive cleaners might be great for getting rid of left over crumbs on your plates, but they can do some serious damage to your good blades, ultimately making them duller faster. Take the time to hand wash your favorite cutting utensils to ensure they stay sharp for years to come.

And get a knife rack. There’s nothing worse than reaching into a drawer and coming out with a bloody hand because you grabbed a stray knife. Instead of thrown in a drawer, purchase a knife block to keep your knifes safe an sound.

Always preheat

Never start cooking with a cold pan, preheat your pan to make sure you get the perfect cook.

Give food space

When you do cook in a pan, make sure you give your food space to cook. Crowding too much food in a pan can cause it to cook unevenly, and nobody wants that.

Likewise, make sure you leave enough room in the food processor when you load it up with goodies. You can always do two runs through the processor if you have a ton of food.

Read the Instructions

Yeah, we know you know how to do it already. Whenever you get a new piece of equipment it’s always a good idea to read the instruction manual. Even if it’s very similar to something you already know how to use, the instruction manual can give you information about your new gadget that you might not know!

A Beautiful Bowl of Soup

Eating soup is a great thing for you if you want to eat well. Soups have been the staples of civilizations for centuries, and you should consider having soup for all the reasons listed below. These reasons are going to help you stay healthy.

They Fight Colds

Soups are proven to fight colds, and they make it much easier for you to get better. The warmth of the soup helps to open your nasal passages, and you will be able to warm yourself up because you are usually cold when you getting over being sick.

Cut Back On Calories

The soups that you eat are going to allow you to cut down on the calories that you are eating every day. You can use soups to save the calories in your diet, or you can use these soups to reduce your intake when you are feeling sick.

They Are Easy Snacks

You can have soup for a snack easily, and you will be able to prepare it even more easily. You can warm up soup in just a few minutes, and you can carry it in a cup when you are eating it. These meals are so much easier to eat because they can come in small packages.

They Are Easy To Make

You can make a soup out of broth and one or two ingredients. You do not need to be an expert to make soup, and you do not need to do something that is extremely complicated. Your soups be easy broths that are going to keep the family warm, or they can be complex. You get to choose what you do in preparation for the meal.

Soups Are Filling

You can eat soup often because soup is so very filling. You never have to worry about missing out in the meal because soups are massive. You can eat a great deal, but the broth is going to fill you up. This is a great way to eat when you are very hungry.

They Work All Year

You can make a type of soup that works for every part of the year. You will be surprised what kinds of soups you can make for the different times of the year. You will also notice that not all soups are hot. You can make cold soups for the summer if you like.

Eating soup is going to make life more exciting, and you can make them with ease.

Ways to Go ‘Green’ in Your Kitchen

There are tons of ways to make your home more eco-friendly. It all starts with your kitchen. Why? The kitchen is one of the two most frequented rooms in your home, next to the bathroom. Why not take advantage of that. Here are some tips


Did you ladies know that induction cooktops are the best way to go nowadays? When compared to the gas or electric burners, they are far more efficient. The heating elements are more balanced. How? The heating elements work from within the pot, instead of from the bottom.

What happens if you can’t afford to go this route? There is a more reasonable option. Just go with a portable cooktop. It will do the same thing, and it’s so much cheaper. I’ll admit that these types of cooktops can be rather expensive. How many of us have the money to invest in something like this? Not many of us, I’m sure. That is why the portable cooktop is a good alternative. It’s still keeps within the eco-friendly route too.


How many of you have heard of this? It’s a good alternative to throwing the leftovers in the trash. When you throw leftovers in the trash, it’s going to get taken to landfill. This is where all that horrible methane is produced. We all hear about this, but not many of us know where it all comes from. Now we know. It’s from the leftovers which are thrown into the landfill.

Just use a compost pail. This will keep things, especially the odors, at bay. When you do go to throw them away, it won’t be as toxic on the environment. Make sens doesn’t it!


This is probably one of the best tools you can use in your kitchen. When you use a pressure cooker you are cutting down your cooking time. How much time is being cut off? About 30% of the cooking time is being left out, when compared to more traditional approaches.

You are also using less electricity. Which means your bill is going to be cut in half. How does that sound? Pretty darn cool, I think. You can steam, fry and cook your food in this thing. It’s definitely a blessing to have around the house.


For all you soda drinkers out there, this tool is another blessing to keep around the house. By aiming your own soda at home, you are cutting down on so many carcinogens. You also get with the package two free BPA bottles. These you can use over and over. This will definitely cut down on the waste and keep up the recycling.

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