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Get Creative with Your Ceiling

Ever thought of improving the visual appeal of your property? If that is the case, there are various ways to upgrade your home interior significantly without any transformation. One of the areas that left exposed most of the time are the ceilings. However, most people haven’t realized that bringing out the aesthetic appeal of your ceiling is one of the best ways to pay homage to your home. Here are top ideas you can get creative with in bringing out the best in your ceiling.

Set up a customized suspended storage

If you have got rooms with significant space above the normal height, then custom storage might be the creative solutions that you need. It is a functional way of not only beautifying your ceiling but also making use of available space, especially when you are short on storage space. This creativity is not limited to the garages alone. You can also set up custom storage in kitchens, living rooms, laundries, bedrooms, and any other imaginable space.

Consider artwork

Artistic creativity has been used over the years to bring out the best in our walls and floors. However, the ceiling is no exception. If you are bold enough, you can use artwork to accentuate the rest of the room from up above. With artwork, you have got unlimited options to choose from. If you prefer something permanent, you can go with painting, but if you want to just try it out first, then vinyl is the better option. Essentially, the type of artwork you choose to go with is also influenced by the rest of the interior, but anything close to fine art, sculptural installations, or graffiti murals can work with ceilings.

Play around with paint and mirrors

To avoid your ceiling appearing out of place when compared to the rest of the room, you can paint it with complimentary colors. Using different colors will help you achieve the desired goal. For instance, cooler colors can help you improve the spacing, especially if you have smaller rooms. The opposite is also true. Likewise, you can choose to go with something contrasting to help you deliver a bold statement.

Another way to be creative with room spacing is to use mirrors and glass. They have reflective properties that can make your rooms appear larger, especially when they are installed in the ceilings. It is vital to choose the ones that can work well in all seasons or play around with wall and floor colors. You don’t want to reflect too much light than what is necessary.

Accentuate with wallpapers

As the name suggests, wallpapers might be ideal for fixing to your wall, but shouldn’t be afraid to try with ceilings. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Play around with colors, texture, and design patterns to create a catchy appeal.

Go beyond normal lighting

Most homes have room lighting fixated on the ceiling. So, why not get creative by installing a decorative lighting system that will give you stylish appeal even when the lights are switched off. You have unlimited ways of working with lights. For something eye-catching, you can set up several small lights that follow some pattern. You can also go with either chandelier or pendant light.

Cool Home Bookcases Reviews

Setting the tone of your home is important. Your home is an expression of who you are. When people enter into your living room, they are peeking into your personality, catching a glimpse of your heart. What are you concerned about? What drives your thoughts and expressions? Who are you? These are the questions that you are answering as you set the tone for your home, even if you do not know it. High-quality bookshelves can go a long way to achieve that end. You will begin to establish yourself as an academic or a creative thinker (depending on the content of these bookshelves). Therefore, choosing top quality bookcases is centrally important.

Spine Book Tower

Tired of bulky bookshelves that are difficult transport and assemble? The Spine Book Tower will fit anywhere in your home, serving as an accent to your best features. It is a modern piece of craftsmanship and an alternative for those who do not want their bookshelf to consume so much space.

Saunders Pogo Bookcase

It can be difficult to keep children organized. You can spend all afternoon cleaning up after them, and then they will undo all of your work in just a few short minutes. It can be even more difficult if you do not have a high-quality bookcase in their bedroom. The Saunders Pogo Bookcase has two shelves and two bins so that you can store their favorite toys and accent their bedroom, making it easy to keep the room organized.

South Shore Axess Collection

The South Shore Axess Collection 4 Case Bookshelf serves as evidence that recycled material can be developed into a high-quality bookcase. In an era in which natural resources are being depleted faster than any previous generation, a high-quality bookcase that is made out of recycled material is an excellent achievement. By putting this in your home, you will be making a statement about who you are and what you are concerned with.

Ameriwood Set

Most people find that the Ameriwood Set merges easily into any room. The pair will fit nicely into the corner of a child’s bedroom, decorated with toys or favorite fantasy books. It can accent the living room, the office or any room in the house. It has a unique ability to enhance any setting that it merges into.

Davinci MDB Bookcase

The Davinci MDB Bookcase is customized for the family. If your children have toys scattered across the living room, the MDB bookcase provides spacious drawers, making it easy to gather them at the end of the day. You can decorate the shelves with your favorite books, concealing the toys in the bottom drawer, or you can proudly display all of your child’s favorite toys.

Everybody has different needs. Some people want high-function. Others need to rid their home of clutter. Some want to create an academic environment or to express creativity. Others just want to reduce chores, such as cleaning up after children. Whatever your needs are, be assured that one of these bookcases will satisfy you.


Expert Advice to Choose the Best Deep Fryer for Your Kitchen

The majority of chefs have come up with creative ways to deep fry from a wok, a large pot or some deep device that will hold a significant amount of cooking oil. The end result also varies as does the method, causing a lack of consistent control of the temperature. Food volume may also not fit in well. Once used that cooking oil must be put away, but where? Deep fryers should fit well and be easy to store in a safe place. Home fryers should be a useful choice and fit safely in the kitchen area along with having consistent temperature control features. Another critical feature to consider when making a choice is the volume of food that will normally be fried.

Consider Where to Store It Before Buying

Before making a final decision on a deep fryer, think carefully about where it will be kept and if the unit is going to be portable. What makes a great fryer is how similarly it can be compared to a toaster oven or a microwave. Those appliances find a safe and useful place in the kitchen on the counter or oven shelf with proper safe space for operation. It is not safe to have these units on extension cords or next to a doorway. Should the unit be placed in storage between uses, the cooking oil must also be kept covered and in a safe place.

Temperature Control

Keeping a consistent temperature while frying is essential. Buying best deep fryer that will have temperature indicators on it and not just simple low, medium and high ranges. This way, placing frozen items in the fryer, which immediately changes the cooking temperature, will be easy to monitor and control. Actual temperature readings will allow cooks to adjust and cook food properly and safely.


How much volume will the fryer handle? This feature is very important. The need might only be for a few snacking items or small servings. Some cooks fry whole turkeys or chickens for the family dinner. There are sizes made just for individuals to families to professional cooks usage. Bear in mind that small individual fryers are very low capacity that will not always fry the food properly. Feature to note in the store are, quality and volume of the frying basket. Good brands have quality made frying baskets.

Rotating Fryer Basket

Many will find rotating fryer basket attractive at purchase. Modern models have vertically-mounted baskets so food is not constantly in the oil while cooking. This makes for crispy less oily foods.

Learn more important things to consider when you’re updating your kitchen.

Should I Buy a Toaster Oven?

A toaster oven is a tremendous asset to have in the kitchen. The fact that fewer and fewer people have a tendency to use them is unfortunate, because they can make a big difference in your kitchen. If you have never used one before, you will likely learn to love it very quickly after you have had an opportunity to get some experience using it. If you use one all the time, you already know how much easier a toaster oven can make your time spent in the kitchen.

People have a tendency to want to purchase all of the modern conveniences when it comes to home appliances. In some cases, the familiar toaster oven is all but forgotten about, tossed to the side in favor of other, more modern conveniences. The truth of the matter is that a toaster oven can be one of the most modern appliances in your kitchen. It all depends on the model that you purchase, as toaster ovens exist from the very basic and mundane to models with every bell and whistle you could imagine. The truth is that using a toaster oven can make your life much easier and it can eliminate a lot of the time that you would otherwise have to spend in the kitchen.

Different styles available

There is a different style for almost every household. You can find the most basic toaster oven that is small in size and can only handle some very basic cooking duties. Having said that, you can also find larger toaster ovens that allow you to cook an entire pizza, albeit probably not a full sized one. Furthermore, these types of models allow you to make minute adjustments to everything from the temperature to the type of food that is being cooked in order to fine tune the cooking in order to complement the food that you are making.

Use your toaster oven with ease

Make sure you get the most out of your toaster oven. Your first step is choosing a toaster oven that works well for your needs. Consider the foods that you typically make and then tailor your purchase to fit that. You can also tailor the particular model that you choose to fit the amount of space that you have to dedicate to it on your kitchen counter. One of the most important things to remember is that you can use it exclusively to prepare many of the same types of food that you would prepare in the oven or in the toaster or you can use it to speed up the process when you are cooking big meals. The right toaster oven can make food preparation much easier, especially at busy times such as during breakfast or when you are making a large meal for the family in the evening.

Uses for toaster ovens

Toaster ovens can be used for much more than making toast. While they can certainly be used for that as well, the right toaster oven can essentially serve as a complement to the oven that you have in your kitchen. This makes it useful when you need to heat something up quickly but the oven is in use or when you are cooking a meal for one or two and you do not want to start the oven. You can put everything from dinner rolls to pizza in a toaster oven and have it come out delicious.

What Should I Consider When Buying Kitchen Appliances?

Most kitchens come standard with things like a stove and refrigerator, but there are other essential home appliances that every kitchen needs in order to be up to date and highly functional. Here are the five top home appliances a kitchen needs to be considered modern and up to date:


A microwave is a fantastic appliance no kitchen should be without. You can not only heat up leftovers, but you can also cook some types of foods such as frozen meals, canned vegetables, soups, or make snacks like popcorn and more. There are several kinds of microwaves to choose from, including large ones that mount above a stove to small ones meant for a small apartment or dorm room.


In these days when people work long hours at their jobs one appliance that is essential is a slow cooker. Slow cookers are great tools that let you cook a whole meal easily while you are at work. They are good for cooking things like stews, meat, casseroles, soups and even some kinds of desserts.


A toaster is a great appliance for making a fast breakfast or light lunch. Depending on the model, you can toast between two and six slices of bread at a time, or toast bagels, frozen pastry, or English muffins. These foods can be combined with fillings to make sandwiches, little pizzas, and more. It’s best to buy one that is either chrome or stainless steel because those are easier to clean and keep looking new.


A blender with several speeds on it is also a must have for any modern kitchen. Using a blender you can make tasty and nutritional smoothies or milkshakes, as well as crush ice or puree vegetables and fruits for drinks or for feeding to babies. It’s best to look for a high powered blender that has a secure lid, as well as a pouring spout. Glass blender jars are best, as they are easier to keep clean and sanitary.


The indoor grill is a great tool trending these days that is good for healthier cooking than old charcoal or propane grills. They come in several sizes and are very easy to use and to clean. They have a non-stick service and the fat from the foods you make drains off, thus making the foods less fatty and healthier. These grills are a great alternative to grilling outside, as well as to baking or frying meats.

The bottom line is that these five appliances will make your cooking jobs easier and faster and are considered to be five of the most essential kitchen appliances for a modern kitchen.