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How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Planning a Wedding

Many little girls grow up dreaming about their weddings. For them, every detail, down to the flowers, gown and destination, is important. Many women begin to think about making their dream weddings a reality after their boyfriends propose to them. The wedding planning process, however, can be stressful, even for brides working with their families, fiances and wedding planners. Avoiding common mistakes, made by younger and older brides alike, can help women to put together weddings that they, their bridesmaids, their families, their fiancees and their guests will be sure to enjoy.

Bride Happiness

Throughout the whole wedding planning process, it is important for brides to take what they want into consideration. While they want to please others, such as their bridesmaids, parents, siblings and grooms, the day is ultimately about them. They want to make sure that while they are making plans on venues, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen tuxes, the date of the wedding and the venue, the choices reflect their own individual style and the type of wedding they want.

To ensure her own happiness on her wedding day, a bride wants to make sure she chooses a dress that fits her personality and that she will be proud to remember when she looks back at photo albums. She should consider her mother’s and groom’s wishes, to some extent, but ultimately the decision should come down to what gown she loves. Without the right gown, her wedding day won’t be as special.

Groom Involvement

Sometimes grooms feel that weddings are brides’ territories, and they try to be very hands-off during the whole wedding planning process. Asking grooms to help with the color scheme, music selection, venue choice and other important choices can help take some of the weight off brides’ shoulders and make grooms feel more a part of the wedding early on. The groom may even have some good ideas for the ceremony or reception.

Wedding Party

Many brides and grooms make the mistake of quickly deciding on their wedding parties without taking family considerations, wedding size or all of their choices into consideration. Their parents may want them to include a sibling or cousin in the party, or an old friend might want to be part of the wedding party. Brides and grooms should take some time to think about who they want to stand up with them, weighing the pros and cons of different family members and friends.

Venue and Time

The wrong venue can spell disaster for a wedding. Having a party at an outdoor golf course in the middle of the summer or snowy outdoor setting during the winter may be part of a couple’s vision for a wedding, but guests’ comfort should be taken into consideration. Couples don’t want their guests boiling or freezing during their special day.

Brides and grooms also need to make sure to think about the schedule of the festivities, especially the time between the ceremony and reception. They risk having guests leave early if they don’t have their reception right after their ceremony. For guests traveling a few hours or more away, a time lag between a wedding ceremony and a reception can be highly inconvenient.

Guest Participation and Satisfaction

For a wedding to be truly successful, guests need to feel part of the festivities. Couples can ensure that their friends and families are having a good time by choosing certain music, activities and food that their guests will like. They should take people’s different preferences into account during their wedding planning. This can mean including vegetarian options on their menus and having the deejay or band play oldies music for elderly guests who want to slow dance.

Drink Trend: Round Ice Ball Maker for Fun and Creative Drinks

Round-Ice-BallWho doesn’t love snow balls? They’re fun, chilly, and satisfying. While you make not still be freezing snow balls in your fridge, you can bring all the fun of a snow ball fight into your day to day drinks with the Round Ice Ball Maker! This easy to use, easy to freeze kitchen device is sure to be a welcome addition to your kitchen!

Round ice is great for adult beverages. Make your at-home cocktails pop with mixologist style ice spheres–perfect for hard liquor. Serve your vodka, bourbon, or whiskey on the ball instead of on the rocks! The elegant curve of these ices keeps your drink cool in more ways than one. For non-alcoholic beverages, the patented spherical surface area– a whopping 2.5 inches in diameter– melts slowly, keeping juices, ice teas, waters and more cooler longer.

You can do more than just make fancy frozen water with your round ice molds, though–much more! Spice up your ice with chopped fruit bits to add flavor (and antioxidant function) to your water. No more messy lemon wedges or disintegrating cucumbers– with the round ice maker, your greens (or reds or purples…) stay inside the ice sphere, so you get the delicious flavor and health benefits–without the mess.

Want a low calorie, high impact snack or dessert alternative? Stick the combination of fruit of your choice in a blender or food processor to form a nectar or a pulp. Pour the fruit blend into the easy to use funnel of the ice mold (be sure not to overfill, though!) Freeze and open for a delicious, nutritious frozen treat that you can enjoy any time. Healthier than ice cream, and way more fun to eat, a frozen fresh fruit popsicle (or pop-circle) is a refreshing end to a hot day.

Turn parties from “mixed drink” to “cocktail” with artisanal ice spheres–just add garnish. Whether it’s a frozen wine ball or a minty spritzer-upper, there’s no end to what you can concoct with the round ice maker. Experiment for the best combination, or stick to an old favorite–frozen Shirley Temple, anyone?

The round ice maker is easy to use, easy to clean, and one hundred percent reliable. All you need is a funnel and an imagination to create crafty, cleansing treats and add-ons. There’s no telling what you’ll come up with. The round ice maker is an easy to use addition to any kitchen, so don’t delay! You’ll love getting a round

Make Your Workout the Best You’ve Ever Had!

If you want to make the most out of your workout time, then the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This bench is so versatile that it not only allows you to do more than 30 various exercises, but it also assists in correcting posture and helps you build the muscle that you desire when using free weights in a safe way that helps your workout boost your bodybuilding in the comfort of your own home or workout space.

So just what is it that makes the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench stand out from the rest? Let’s take a quick look at some of the outstanding features you’ll find when you have it set up in your own home fitness area.

Space Saving

The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench makes it possible to create your own personal free weight workout area in the space you have in your home or personal workout space.


With four different positions that you can adjust to you’ll be able to comfortably do more than 30 different exercises.

Removable Leg Hold Down Brace

With the removable leg hold down brace you’ll find more support when doing declining exercises than you will find with most other benches.

The Best for Posture

The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench assists with correcting posture so you’re able to benefit the most from your workout and really build the muscles you want when working with free weights.

The Warranty is Exceptional

With a 15 year warranty on the frame and a full one year warranty on the upholstery, you’ll feel confident in knowing your bench is protected.
The Pros of the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench

  • 1. Easily transforms from decline, incline and flat positions.
  • 2. The upholstery is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • 3. Very easy assembly with detailed instructions.
  • 4. The bench is very sturdy and allows for performing over 30 different exercises with the same productivity you would find in the gym.
  • 5. The bench is very easy to adjust for different workouts.
The Cons of the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench

1. The leg restraint can get in the way occasionally but that is easily fixed by simply removing the leg brace completely. It’s easily removed when not needed for the workout.

Customer Review and Rating:

The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench is top of the line when it comes to the home gym or fitness center. This bench helps you utilize more than 30 various exercises easily and efficiently to improve your home workout and maximize the results when working on getting in shape and building the muscle from the comfort of your own personal gym. The bench scores a 9 out of 10 only because of the leg brace but keep in mind that the brace is easily removed when not in use.

Why You Should Purchase the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench

Who doesn’t enjoy being able to get the outstanding results that you would expect from a large gym yet with the comfort and privacy of your own home? The Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight Bench gives you the best workout possible and is one of the most durable benches you’ll find on the market today. Assembly is quick and easy with easy to follow instructions. It comes with rollers to make moving from one area to another a breeze and it weighs less than 65 pounds when fully assembled which makes it light to move with or without assistance. You definitely want to add this to your home gym and workout space to be able to maximize your workout and create the body you’ve always wanted.

How to Choose the Perfect Led Headlamp

If you are setting up your camp after dusk, going on a night hunting trip, then a headlamp is a great convenience allowing you to see what is going on around you while leaving your hands free for other uses. Most headlamps rely on long-lasting, powerful LED lights to do their job. Manufacturers present many different options, so it is vital to understand the differences.


Headlights offer three different types of beams measured in the meters that they can shine usable light. Manufacturers define this as the light given off by a full moon on a dark night.

Wide-Angle Beams

Wide-angle beams cast their light across a large area allowing the user to see things nearby. For example, they make great lamps when field dressing animals.

Narrow Beam

Narrow beams cast their light across a very specific area making them perfect for seeing a path at night.


The more lumens a headlamp offers, the brighter the light will be, but it is important to remember that if the beam goes in many directions, it may not be the most usable headlamp. Batteries die faster in headlamps with more lumens.


In addition to the lumens, consider the brightness level of the headlamp. Most offer high and low options.


Some headlamps offer a flash or strobe option that works like the emergency blinkers on your automobile.


One of the most common features on a headlamp is a low setting that allows users to hike along an easy path at night or allows users to complete chores around the campsite.


Some manufacturers call the max option, the high option. Regardless, this option allows wearers to shine more light on the area.


Some manufacturers call the zoom option, the boost option. Headlamps equipped with this option allow users to shine intense light on an area for approximately 15 seconds. Most users will not want to use this option repeatedly because it drains batteries quickly.

Red Light Mode

Headlamps with red light modes do not cause a person’s pupils to shrink making it much easier to see at night.

Run Time

Run time is the length of time that the headlamp operates without replacing the batteries or charging the headlamp. The lamp is considered still running if it gives off light equivalent to the full moon at two meters.


Most headlamps weigh less than one half pound except for those with battery packs and top straps. A few selected dedicated models may also weigh more.

Other Headlamp Features

The real differences in headlamps often come down to their other features. Therefore, buyers should consider these features carefully before making a final decision.

Regulated Output

Headlamps with regulated output do not fade over time. The downside is that the user may find themselves changing batteries in complete darkness.


Almost all headlamps are water resistance, but some can be submerged for short periods discount levitra online.


Some headlamps are designed to stay in one position all the time while others allow users to tilt the lamp so that they can see better especially for up-close work.


Manufacturers put the switches in a variety of places. Some are much easier to manipulate than others. Locking switches are a great option if the headlamp is carried in a pack.


Lithium batteries or rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are great in cold weather. Rechargeable batteries drain when sitting idle, so carry alkaline batteries for spares. Users who are concerned about the weight of headlamps should consider those with battery packs on the back of the headband.

Top Straps

Top straps add stability that many users enjoy. Keep in mind that these straps add to the overall weight.

Extend Your Battery Life on Your Phone and PC Tablets

There is a lot of demand for PC Tablets these days, but many want to make sure they have enough battery life for their tablets to work properly. There are a few things anyone can do in order to make that happen.

Turn off WiFi

If the tablet is being used for games or other items that don’t need wifi, then turn it off. When WiFi is left on, it drains battery life looking for connections to use. If it’s off, the user will be saving battery life and not constantly charging the tablet.

Turn Off Location

If the tablet doesn’t need to have location on, it’s a good idea to turn it off. This way the tablet will save energy and the battery will last longer. It’s also a good idea to leave this off except when using location for finding places in map apps. Just remember to turn it back on.

Turn off apps That Aren’t used

Users can turn off applications that aren’t being used throughout the day. This helps prevent battery drain and will make the battery last a lot longer. If apps are being used a lot during the day, users can make sure they stop or end any apps they stop using and help with battery life.

Turn Off the Tablet When Charging

Another great idea is to turn off the tablet completely when charging. This helps the tablet to see when it has a full battery and not over or under charge the battery. When a user leaves their tablet on, it creates a parasite charging which makes the tablet have trouble knowing it’s totally charged. This can cause problems for users because the battery can go down a lot faster than if the tablet had been simply turned off.

Don’t Use Live Wallpaper

Another battery sucker is live wallpaper. This is because it runs constantly and takes up a lot of battery time. When a user chooses to add this to their tablet, they may notice a higher battery usage.

Tablets are great devices to have, but users do have to keep an eye on their battery usage in order to get the most out of the. No one whats a device they need to keep plugging in and charging all the time when it’s easily prevented buy levitra online with prescription. All users need is to consider what they are using on their tablet and how to keep their battery life stronger.

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Losing Weight

One thing that a lot of people seem to have in common is the fact that they are all constantly worried about their figure and losing weight, and most importantly how they’re perceived by other people. Whether it’s someone that they know, the media or just someone who catches their eye walking on the street, we all seem to want to look our best and to make good first impressions.

And with the New Year freshly upon us, a lot of people have decided that losing weight is their new year’s resolution, and with the technology that we’ve been graced with, finding new and fun ways to lose weight are all the more interesting!

1. Lose It

This app is specified for monitoring your weight, and managing all the inner workings of such. It will help you by asking you weight oriented questions like your current weight, what your goal that you want to reach may be (whether you need to lose or gain weight), and so much more. Calorie budgeting, tips and activities to perform to help you exercise.

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2 best price levitra. My Fitness Pal Calorie Account

This app is specified mostly for counting your calories, and mostly just managing your calorie intake all together. It also provides you with reports, tips and exercises that could benefit you. You can also sync the app to your iPhone or desktop computer so that your data can be saved and monitored by you!

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3. Monitor Your Weight

This is an award winning app that is available to be downloaded and to help you and your health! It tracks weight regulation, and you can also track the profiles of multiple different people if say you and your family all have certain goals. It tracks multiple different factors to be as accurate as possible.

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4. Fooducate

Scanning a food product that you typically eat will give you the record of your food by using this app. You can search products and see which fits your diet and current eating habits and what you need. Things like added preservatives, sugars and other factors that one looks for while purchasing groceries. It will also suggest food for you to look into.

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5. Diet To Go

This is the perfect app if you’re confused about planning a diet and sticking with it. It will provide you with certain diet plans to look into. Others can also chime in their two cents about whether the diet worked for them or not.

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6. Food Scanner

This is another app that will help you get more details and information about the food that you’re eating. If you’re grocery shopping and aren’t 100% about what you’re buying, this app can help you. You can search for your food and even he food you see in a certain restaurant.

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7. Run Keeper

This app is more focused on the fitness portion of dieting. It will give you cues and tips and monitor your runs, walks or bike rides that you take. It’ll also allow you to listen to music while taking your cues. Set goals and get targeted notifications when you reach them.

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8. Weight Bot

Another app focused on your weight, if you give it your weight details, goals and other information, it will store it and help you reach it – featuring graphs, BMI details and other important information that is meant to inform.

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9. Weight Tracker

Another graph based app that is meant to track your weight in a visual format so you can see the changes that are occurring. This is meant mostly for daily use.

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10. Endomondo

This app is like a personal coach for you and maintaining your fitness. You can put specific work outs, equipment and other things that you are using for your fitness and it will work around that for you.

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A Guide to Frying and Deep Fryers

A deep fryer is one of that items that can be a kitchen staple, or it can be a hassle. The biggest problem that arrises is when a person decides that they will create a deep fryer by using a large pot and a ton of oil. Frying with this method can be a difficult process. The oil temperature is hard to control, the food may not fit correctly into the pot, and then there is the issue of what to do about storing the oil after use. Using a store bought deep fryer that has been built to handle the needs of your kitchen is the most important part of deep frying.

Each kitchen and each cook varies in their needs and in their kitchen layout. It is essential to buy a deep fryer that can easily be used day after day. To achieve this, the fryer needs to have easy portability and storage. This means that it needs to be easily managed by the user, and the deep fryer needs to fit on the counter space available while easily reaching an outlet.

The next aspects of the fryer that needs to be noted are the temperature control and the fry basket capacity. Older deep fryers do not manage temperature as well as the newer models and it is extremely beneficial to buy a fryer that has a digital temperature gauge that will maintain the desired temperature throughout the cooking process. It is also important to note the size of the fry basket. Food that does not correctly fit into the basket will not cook correctly. If small snacks need to be fried in a small basket, but if large family meals are often being served then it is necessary to have a large basket.

Finally, there are some deep fryers that have a rotating basket. An advantage of a rotating basket is that it will turn the food, bringing it in and out of the oil which in turn will work to evenly cook the product. A rotating basket also minimizes the amount of residual oil, while still maintaining it’s crunch, which makes for healthy food that does not lose it’s flavor.

Deep frying does not have to be a difficult process as long as you use the correct appliance. Using the best deep fryer that has been purchased specifically for the needs of your kitchen will bring the fun back into deep frying at home.

Best Miter Saw Stand Reviews – Your Complete Guide

A miter saw stand is built to be a workhorse for your cutting needs. Most saw stands are designed with wheels to move the saw with ease. It is important to remember the saw is heavy and you may need help when placing it over the stand. The saw stand is advantageous for every user because of its ability to keep the saw attached wherever you take it.

The following are the best miter saw stands available on

1. Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand. This stand features speedy set-up, 18-inch material capacity, and pneumatic 18-inch wheels. It also features rapid release mounts and its feet are adjustable with stability on uneven surfaces. The price tag for this saw stand is $355.99 with free shipping.

2. Dewalt DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand. This saw stand is$154.00 with free shipping, weighs only 33 pounds, and features a heavy-duty kickstand that provides easy storage and mobility. It also has quick connect brackets that are mounted to the saw for quick detachment. In addition, it has a wide stand to provide stability and good support with folding legs for easy release.

3. Dewalt DWX725B Heavy Duty Work Stand with Miter Saw Mounting Brackets. This saw stand has a price tag of $119.00 which includes free shipping. It has a compact design for easy storage and transport. Built with lightweight aluminum, its legs can be folded with ease and it has a transport latch for easy carrying.

4. Dewalt DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand. This saw stand has a universal design that works well with any miter saw brands and is built with lightweight aluminum that provides easy transport. It also features mounting brackets for secure mounting to stand with non-marring feet that will not scratch materials.

5. StableMate Plus100 Universal Miter Saw Stand. The cost for this model is $161.38 plus $31.30 for shipping. It has a universal design for easy folding and quick storage. It also features mounting clamps for easy assembly. Constructed with galvanized steel, it also features two adjustable work supports and two mounting clamps.

If you are looking for the best miter saw stand that can be a great workhorse for all your cutting needs, visit You can find many selections of heavy duty miter stands that feature sturdy support and stability. With these stands, you can get the job done safely and efficiently handle any woodworking needs.

How To Hypnotize Someone A Beginners Guide

A smoldering look from across a crowded room. A brief but engaging glance from a seminar presenter. A tearful request from a child. What do all these scenarios have in common? They are examples of how magnificently powerful the eyes can be. Nearly every social survey reports that the first thing one human being notices about another human being is their eyes. Whether in a romantic, social, or professional setting people naturally use their eyes to convey information. They are often reflections of happiness, sadness, hurt or anger and can be used to determine if someone is actually telling the truth.

Telling a Story

Even when a person’s eyes are not necessarily their best feature, they are still able to tell a story using only their facial expressions. Rolling the eyes back indicates disdain or contempt while squinting the eyes indicates interest or attraction. Even very subtle or discreet eye movements are effective communication tools. Learning how to control and utilize these tools takes practice.

The Learning Process

Being able to hypnotize someone with your eyes comes naturally to some people but not everyone was born with that ability. In fact, most people will need to spend some time practicing the art of eye language. Standing in front of a mirror and studying various facial expressions is usually the most helpful way to develop the skill. It is also helpful to practice speaking and changing eye movements in unison with different voice inflection as a way to place emphasis where it is most effective depending on the specific situation.

An Unseen Advantage

The select few who were gifted with communicative eyes may be so used to their powerful gaze that they do not even realize their full strategic capacity. Hypnotic eyes have several valuable advantages and should be used wisely.

Sultry eyes grab attention in just about every social setting and earn their owner special favors like front row seats, extra servings and multiple other discounts and advantages. Likewise, well orchestrated eye expressions can communicate a professional demeanor and superior abilities. Both examples convey confidence and self-assurance which are necessary in social and professional settings. Making eye contact during a job interview greatly increases the chances of a candidate being hired. When a man or woman maintains eye contact while speaking with a member of the opposite sex they are much more likely to be perceived as friendly and attractive.

Learn the key secret behind learning how to hypnotize someone!

Some Unique Airports In The World?

Many cities and regions throughout the world depend on tourism to supports its local economies. With that in mind, it is simply amazing that many of those same destinations have built airports that seem to defy the laws of physics, making them the most unbelievable airports around the world.

The Unusual

Some of the most unbelievable airports receive notoriety because of unusual features. For instance, Gisborne Airport in Gisborne, New Zealand, has a set of railway tracks running across the main runway on the way to the tarmac (one terminal and two gates). You don’t see that very often. In Gibraltar (a British territory), Gibraltar International Airport’s main runway intersects with a primary roadway that leads to the Spanish border. During departures and arrivals, roadway traffic has to be halted.

The Architectural Marvels

Prior to 2004, Madeira Airport in Santa Cruz, Portugal, was one of the trickiest landing spots in the world due to its precarious location and short runway. In 2004, the runway was raised and lengthened when engineers decided to place the runway on 180 concrete pillars measuring 70M in height. Due to this incredible architectural innovation, those same engineers received the 2004 Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering Award for “Outstanding Structure.”

The Scariest

In order to provide access for tourists, some regions are forced to place its airport in a strategically undesirable location. A great example of this can be found on St. Marteen island where planes seemingly skim the populated beaches of Maho Beach during takeoffs and landings. In the French Alps, Courchevel Airport provides pilots with a number of challenges. First, the runway is on an up-sloped terrain that ends at the base of a ski resort. Second, the runway is only 537M in length. Finally, landings must be made without the help of lights and instruments. As scary as Courchevel seems, nothing compares to the dangers of landing at Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport on the Island of Saba in Caribbean. The airport features a meager 396M of concrete runway capped by a cliff both ends. If the pilot makes the slightest error, the plane ends up in the Caribbean Sea.

All of these truly unbelievable airport have one thing in common. They all leave new passengers scratching their heads, wondering what the architects were thinking when they decided that the building of these airports was a good idea. The good news is that very issues have popped up over the years, much to the delight of millions of travelers who make it home safe every year.